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Alcoholic Drink Infuser Gift

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Giving the Gift of Spice 

We have passionately created our Drink Infuser Gift Kit, to bind the warm act of giving with the equally warm magic of enriching flavoured drinks with a special Kiss of Spice.

100g of the finest spices

6 infusion bags (including 2 for you)

4 fillable hearts

lengths of lovely ribbon

4 beautiful gift tags

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Crafting Your Gift Of spice Firstly open your packet of spices, close your eyes and breathe in the unbelievably warm spicy aroma (we’re being serious!). After being gloriously soothed by the intoxicating smell….you will notice there are ‘grains’ and ‘whole chunky spices’ - Using a teaspoon, fill an infusion bag with just the ‘grains’ to about ¾ full, now top up with some generous ‘whole spices’. Repeat this with 4 of the infusion bags then pull and tie the draw string nice and snuggly.

Now for the arty bit - We have selected 2 types of ribbon: 1 length of ‘hearts’ and 1 of organza, cut them into 4 equal parts. Loosely, wrap the ‘hearts’ ribbon around each of your infusion bags and place in one half of your hearts, then click both pieces together and close. Write on your gift tags and tie them to your hearts using the organza ribbon. Voila! You now have 4 personal handcrafted gifts.

Here are some lovely ways to present your gifts. Tie them to a bottle of their favourite tipple, place them on your dinner table for each guest, hang them on your Christmas Tree or simply pop them in the post to cheer someone up.

For You Here is your gift - We have included 2 extra infusion bags so you can give the Kiss of Spice to whatever takes your fancy. Try infusing Red Wine (add sugar to taste), Red Berry Squash or Cranberry Juice and serve warm. Infuse Gin, Vodka, Irish Whiskey (add to Irish Cream once cooled) or Brandy by gently heating (low heat, do not boil) your tipple for 15 minutes, then put to one side (leaving the infusion bag in) to cool. Remove the infusion bag, decant back into the bottle and then serve with your chosen mixer (soda, lemonade, cola, or tonic water)

We are only limited by our imagination…. Enjoy!

Kit Contains:

Drink infuser spice mix 100g

6 x Infusion bags

4 x Fillable Transparent Hearts to put your filled infusion bags in with ribbon to make it into a beautiful gift

2 x Ribbons of different patterns which can be cut up into 4 parts each

4 x Gift tags to finish off your creations

Step by step instructions on the box


At room temperature away from heat and moisture.


Sugar, spices, flavour



Shipping Weight:



 H14.5 x W19.5 x D4cm


Spicely does it (supplied by Spicetech UK Ltd)


4 Drink infuser gift hearts with ribbons and gift tags.  Best of all there will be extra drink infuser spice mix left over for you to try ;-)

Can be used with:

Wine, cider, gin and cranberry juice 


Outer box (as shown) made from recycled and sustainable card

Alufoil bag contains drink infuser spice mix.  Specially designed to retain the best quality of the ingredients

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UK and Europe

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