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Food is so important to me on so many levels........

Food is all about family, home comforts and celebrations.  

It can also be therapeutic and play a big role in our health.

When I was 14 my mother and step father put their skills together and create a company.  An ingredients company supplying butchers, cheese and meat manufacturers.  I travelled with them visiting customers, learning how our ingredients were used and the whole process from field to fork.

I was involved in preparing dishes for large events and learned so much in this time.

By 1997 I married Bob and shortly after was expecting my first son Gareth followed by my second son Clem (yes there were gaps in between Ha!)  My stepfather longed for the sun and moved to Southern Africa.  Myself and my mom continued with the business here in the UK, juggling babies and work.

Gareth suffered severly with eczema and Clem had chronic Asthma.  This heightened my interest in food, looking deeply into the contents of popular foods and tapping into our knowledge of ingredients. We were looking for triggers for their symptoms.  Making food from scratch is so important to understand how much a diet can affect our wellbeing and moods.

We felt passionate about inspiring people back into the kitchen for this very reason.  A generation of kitchen skills seems to have been lost through the introduction of ready meals and very busy lives.

We attended and demonstrated at food shows, won sausage awards and aimed to create a buzz about getting back into the kitchen with the whole family.

We wanted flavours to stand out and skills simplified so that our customers could enjoy being creative and interactive without the strain.  Soon we were drawing the attention of the media, meeting celebrity chefs and featuring in magazines quite rapidly.

On one occassion we had a full photography crew around to my house taking pictures for Delicious Magazine.  My husband was away on business that day.  The neighbours curtains were twitching ten to the dozen!  It didn't help I was walking around in a dressing gown! (all part of the "Mom's breakfast in bed" idea - nothing untoward of course!).

Sadly in 2013, after the most valiant 3 year battle, I lost my mom to cancer.  It came quickly and with a vengeance.  She was a very strong determined lady, with an impish sense of humour and the most selfless person I have ever known.  I miss her terribly! 


My sons are now at University and I am so proud to say that they have taken the same passion with them.  These skills have made them very popular in their digs - producing very tasty dishes and turning Uni gatherings into real feasts! 

We have all tried our hands at many cuisines but what gives us the most satisfaction is when we hear the big "Mmmmmm".  Happy bellies, happy minds -  happy chappies :-). 

We truly do underestimate the power of jolly good grub!  Sharing experiences like this can only be a good thing!  It brings people, smiles and laughter together - the perfect medicine!

We are now a wonderful team of dedicated foodies all passionately committed to making utterly delicious food with a big pinch of difference.  I get really excited at how, not only, they can transform a meal but how each and every herb and spice can have beneficial properties for natural healing.  Blends that are free from artificial colourants and MSG.

We've created Foodie Gift ideas and Seasoning Blends that allow for busy lives, yet also giving vital space and freedom to the adventurous curious home cooks and lover's of food.

Gaynor x